Boundary Workbook

Setting strong boundaries before dropping an anchor is wise. The following workbook will help you learn how to discover what boundaries you might want to apply, and how to specify your boundaries to others – in healthy ways.
Some boundaries can actually be unhealthy for yourself and others. Weigh the pro and cons of your boundaries before you set them, and be careful how you enforce any that might encroach upon the freedom (or boundaries) of others.

At dance events and parties in general, you will be exposed to all kinds of personalities. Many people are super sweet and will treat you wonderful, but you’ll wake up the next day realizing you crossed boundaries you didn’t want to, either due to sleepiness, alcohol, or many other factors. Decide what boundaries you’re setting for yourself AHEAD of time, and hold yourself and others to them. Maybe even write a contract and sign it – I am not going to miss workshops because I didn’t get enough sleep due to roommate’s party. Learn to say no, it is the most powerful word you have. Often those that are bad at setting boundaries are the ones that cross them without realizing it… without listening or paying attention with enough care. Learning to communicate what your intentions are, where your boundaries are, allows you to change them when needed and accomplish more in less time, have stronger friendships, and more success at living intentionally.

Most dancers have been through most of the following:
— On the floor  —
Unappreciated booty kick, booty bump, slap.
Accidental boob grab.
Guy getting a little too close cheek to cheek, or in closed position, or just even hugging in a way that makes you uncomfortable.
Grabbed by the hand or arm to be ‘asked’ for a dance.

— Off the floor —
Someone crashing a hotel room party uninvited.
Accepting drink, food, smoke, drugs, you didn’t actually want to, but felt socially compelled to.

What are healthy ways to respond to these situations?
Checkout the boundary workbook that provides some questions you can ask and answer of the people you meet at dance events, creating stronger connections and clear boundaries for all parties, so we can drop the fear and grow the love!

Video Voyager

Become a video voyager! Every month, create a 5 minute video, and upload it to your ‘ship’ – a group of people from around the world. Each ship has only 1 person from each country, and only people in your ship can see your video. A monthly hour long google hangout with everyone in the ship will keep us connected, laughing and smiling and infecting each other with joy.

Being anchors for each other in times of need, getting outta bed playing music, dancing, rejoicing in the simple things like breakfast and beaches, mountains and mates. Living our lives in authenticity and rejoicing in the magic of creation.

Facilitated by, this will be known as the #VideoVoyagerChallenge.